Saudis Deny Fatwa Against Pokémon Go Has Been Reissued

Saudis Deny Fatwa Against Pokémon Go Has Been Reissued

Rest easy, Pokémon Go fans in the United Arab Emirates. The Saudi government has quelled the horrific rumor that you might not be able to play the game you love. All is right with the world.

Is there or is not there? Conflicting info on the revival of an old Saudi fatwa on the popular new app Pokémon Go may have players going in circles. Oh wait, they are doing that anyway.

The game which has grabbed the minds and systems of people everywhere, from the Las Vegas Strip to UK bookmakers lines that are offering exactly how quickly the game would fall from favor, is A-OK for the UAE because well.

The government assured players they were safe to walk into man holes and cause enormous traffic pileups, just like Pokémon Go aficianados the world over have been doing since the insanely popular app hit the market just this month in an official statement issued late last week.

‘ No fatwa that is religious from the council for senior scholars in Saudi concerning the Pokemon Go game,’ was the term from the government, although no specific attribution was given to this declaration, so just take that under advisement.

You might be challenged also finding the app, because theoretically, it’s not yet on the market that is saudi. But you understand what will minimize some body determined to enter in the latest trend: nothing nada bupkes. Apparently, some clever Saudis have figured out exactly how to downlo Continue reading “Saudis Deny Fatwa Against Pokémon Go Has Been Reissued”