Just how much Does the ACT Cost? Everything You will need to find out about Exam costs

Just how much Does the ACT Cost? Everything You will need to find out about Exam costs

Below is a chart showing the optional add-on costs:

Add-on charges price explanation
Telephone Registration $15 this can be just relevant in the event that you’ve formerly registered for the test.
Late Registration $27.50 This is actually the cost for registering following the deadline that is regular.
Standby Testing $51 here is the charge to be for a delay list for the specific test date/center. Day it is refunded if you are denied admission on test.
Test Date Change $25 Incurred whenever you keep your test location, but improve your test date. You keep your test date, but change the location if you change your test date after the registration deadline, you’ll also be charged the late registration fee.
Test Center Change $25 Charged when.
International Fees $51 that is a charge for using the ACT outside of the United States or Canada.

Get Report & research charges for the ACT (Updated for 2017)

You’ll need certainly to get, evaluate, and deliver your scores out to different universities after completing the ACT test. Below is a chart outlining all feasible post-test solutions and their expenses. Continue reading “Just how much Does the ACT Cost? Everything You will need to find out about Exam costs”

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