Talking about issues and solutions and advantages and disadvantages

Talking about issues and solutions and advantages and disadvantages

Talking About Issues

I will be usually asked ‘How must I respond to questions about dilemmas and solutions, or concerns where we must state if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?” The concerns I’m asked frequently give attention to figures: ”How many paragraphs should write? Could I write on just one advantage and something drawback?”

Then you will know that if you have read my free book, The Key to IELTS Success:

1) concentrating on figures just isn’t a good clear idea, and

2) there is absolutely no way that is special respond to any question ‘type’ – most of the IELTS writing task 2 concerns are marked in line with the exact same requirements.

Which means you have to constantly

  • Address all elements of the job
  • React to the concern with appropriate some ideas which are extended and well supported, and
  • Present a position that is clear.

We all know this since the Task reaction requirements for bands 7 to 9 reveal this.

Through the requirements for Coherence and cohesion, we additionally understand that you need to organise your opinions into logical paragraphs so your argument progresses in a rational method.

Therefore, then asks you to discuss problems and solutions, then you will need to 1) discuss any problems you can identify and 2) suggest solutions to these if your question presents an issue and.

Just how which you organise your ideas will usually rely on the problem you will be served with when you look at the concern as well as your own private emotions and a reaction to that problem.

You may choose to

  1. Introduce the subject as well as the issue
  2. Talk about the primary dilemmas
  3. Talk about the solutions that are possible these issues
  4. Reach a summary concerning the dilemmas and solutions.

Or, that it is better to if you are a more confident writer, you may decide

  1. Introduce the subject therefore the problem
  2. Discuss issue and an answer to that custom writing problem
  3. Discuss an additional issue and a feasible solution
  4. Reach a summary concerning the issues therefore the solutions.

There’s absolutely no solitary way that is correct respond to. Continue reading “Talking about issues and solutions and advantages and disadvantages”