The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping

The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping

Once you’ve photographed a receipt, these apps will read the image and enter the data – like supplier, date and cost – into your accounting software for you. You just need to assign the expense to a client or a project and your job’s virtually done.

Online Accounting Software For Businesses

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We focus on ease of use (keep it intuitive to operate) and power (daily accounting, managing categories, or even drawing detail reports). EasyMoney is the #1 money manager app that combines an expense manager, a bill reminder, a checkbook register and a budget planner!

FreshBooks Accounting App

That way, you can focus on nurturing customer relationships, finding new prospects, and generating revenue. For invoices, the cloud-based app enables you to create and send invoices, issue estimates, and bill for expenses.

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While TurboCASH is free and covers most of the basics needed with accounting software, there’s a paid-for version available as an upgrade which provides more advanced features. This paid-for version allows for it be to run from the cloud, as well as providing budgets, payroll, PDF reports, and a ledger analyzer among other things.

We shortlisted 50 accounting software products that only offered core accounting features and were not specific to an accounting module such as payroll or expense management. The list of 50 products was arranged in descending order, with those having the highest number of customer reviews at the top. From among the top 15 products with 50+ reviews, the 10 having the 4+ user ratings were shortlisted.

Xero’s cloud-based accounting software, which is available for both PC and Mac, is our pick for the best accounting software for Mac. It’s a full-featured solution that doesn’t compromise on features or ease of use just because you’re using a Mac. FreshBooks is the cloud based accounting app that is simple to use and free of technical jargons, making it suitable for accountants and small scale businesses. It effectively manages invoices, with real time tracking, and also handles expenses and payments. For small businesses that don’t need double entry accounting, FreshBooks is the best choice due to simplicity and east of use.

With hundreds of options on the market, small business want a solution that saves them time and works well. The interface should be user-friendly, and the website should include resources that thoroughly explain how to use the software solution. Further, more accounting software companies are offering cloud-based solutions for a monthly subscription.

  • ZipBooks is an up-and-coming accounting software program that launched in 2015.
  • When you add in the company’s cloud-based solution, you get an ideal accounting software app for businesses that use Macs.
  • Nutcache is a free yet feature-rich accounting application that many small business owners swear by.
  • One can say it is among one of the best digital cash book available online for day to day accounting purpose giving you the peace of mind in maintaining the petty cash and large individual and personal transactions as well.
  • A great deal of finding the right fit depends on the size of the company, the income flow, level of experience of the individual completing the accounting duties, and company budget.
  • Sole proprietors don’t legally need a separate account, but it’s definitely recommended.

The best accounting software or cloud technology lets you securely manage your accounts online wherever you are. Your data is stored in the cloud (i.e., on a remote server or computer). To access and interact with your data, all you need is an Internet connection. Plus, our cloud technology means you’ll always have access to your finances wherever you go.

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Zoho Books is the best accounting software for freelancers, sole proprietors, consultants, artists and home businesses. Here are Business News Daily’s best accounting software picks and a summary of what each application claims to offer. Here’s a full list of accounting software vendors and a summary of what each company says it offers.

Lori Fairbanks has years of experience writing and editing for both print and online publications. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she worked as a magazine editor and then as a freelance writer and editor for a variety of companies, including marketing firms and a medical university. She now writes for and Business News Daily about financial systems and services for small businesses, such as accounting software, credit card processing and point-of-sale systems. QuickBooks Online is our favorite accounting software for small businesses because it can grow with your business. We believe that Xero’s assortment of features, combined with its customer support, makes it one of the better options on the market.

Multiple companies, audit trail, customizable reporting, multiple warehouses, and unlimited data capacity are just a few of the features included for those outgrowing a basic accounting simple bookkeeping system. Comprehensive functionality includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, inventory, purchase orders, sales orders, and integrated payroll.

For small and mid-sized business. Accounting and billing software with inventory tracking capabilities designed for Spanish-speaking managers in the USA. Accounting tool that enables maintenance of multiple general ledgers through financial reporting, invoices delivery and more. Complete business management software for any sized company that centralizes your entire organization. Cloud accounting software compliant with Irish VAT. Includes automatic backup and dashboard functionality.

While QuickBooks Online may not be quite as easy to use as the other options on this list, it might be a good fit for businesses looking to get the most bang for their buck in terms of features. QuickBooks Online offers three pricing plans ranging from $20/month – $70/month. The larger the plan, the more features you have access to and the more users you can have. SlickPie is simple accounting software with basic features and a few promising automations.


AccountsPortal is an online accounting software that is easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Online accounting software with auto download of bank statements and auto bank reconciliation features. Financial accounting software with powerful set of drill-in browsers, which make it easy to view/organize and modify data. Scalable cloud accounting software with payroll, inventory tracking, receivables, and payables in one solution.

Zoho Books offers 16 customizable invoice templates, a client portal where customers can pay invoices directly online, recurring invoices, and the unique ability to encrypt invoices. Many automations make it easy to invoice customers, such as the ability to auto-schedule invoices to be sent at a later time. Also, you can send invoices in 13 languages, making Zoho Books a great choice for international business. Users can process invoices and send out billing statements directly online.


This makes particularly ideal for medium to large-sized companies that need advanced capabilities and customizability. I have used and love the low cost payroll feature that lets me enter the payroll via an import of timecards. There are lots of useful reports including the ability to track jobs. Check out AccountEdge if you’re a small business owner that wants numerous features, payroll functionality and comprehensive inventory management, at an affordable price. AccountEdge Pro uses a Payroll Assistant to help you set up your payroll.

There are also some handy add-on options available such as AccountEdge Web Pay, which lets you include a payment link in your invoices. There’s also an option to process credit cards, so you can use the application to accept payments from customers. One of the newest features is a customer portal that allows your customers to log in and view their accounts, check invoices and statements, and make payments.

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CRM CRM software helps businesses manage, track and improve all aspects of their customer relationships. It includes a very wide variety of applications focused on sales, marketing and customer service.


We work with start-up companies to set up their bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online, work with our partner payroll provider ADP in setting up payroll and then meet the quartlerly and annual tax return filing. When inquiring about rates, please provide a description of the business as well as number of employees for an accurate quote. You can call support on between 9am and 8pm (EST) Monday to Friday or send an email to On the AccountEdge Pro website, you can find their knowledge base under Support. Pro charges a one-time fee of $499.00 for both Windows and Mac (new users only). If you want to upgrade from a previous edition, prices range between $359.00 and $399.00 depending on whether you’re a single user or need multi-user functionality. AccountEdge Pro is sufficient if you are looking for things like compliance management tools and automatic payments, but it may fall short if you need more advanced payroll features. Enables users easily create quotes, orders, and invoices for service, time, or items sold, and also process payments on orders and invoices.

  • Their basic user interfaces and navigational systems have been tweaked a lot during that time, but they’re quite similar to the way they were when they started.
  • Once the user passes these initial questions, the versatility of the software makes it easy to accommodate a variety of business models.
  • Provide your customers with portal access and let them view their account history, review invoices and make payments online.
  • You can set up and manage all your banking-related activity here, including importing bank statements for easy reconciliation.

You can also attach a document to invoices and purchases for better tracking of warranties, packing slips, and other relevant information. You can also choose to create a sales order for customers that pay in advance. Record incoming payments in the sales category and accept credit card payments by creating an account with Merchant Account.

The good news is that net income offers a free 30-day trial, so you can easily play around with the software to get an idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for your business. Even if you just browsed through the Features section, it’s easy to see that AccountEdge offers an incredible number of features. Not only are there a ton of features, but these features are also all highly developed (minus invoicing). The range and uniqueness of these features are almost unrivaled, especially compared to the other accounting software programs.

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Priority outlines some options for users but, as expected, the options are all other products made by Priority. Let’s take a look at some of those options, as well as some other solutions and our recommendations for businesses who are currently using AccountEdge for Mac. Purchased by Priority Software Ltd. in 2018, AccountEdge continues to offer affordably priced accounting software to small businesses. Designed as an on-premise application, AccountEdge also offers AccountEdge Connect, a remote access add-on along with a mobile app for iOS devices. While the features AccountEdge offers are impressive, it’s up to you to decide whether those features outweigh the hidden costs, the learning curve, limited integrations, lack of live bank feeds, and the slow customer service.

What is AccountEdge Pro generally used for?

In our opinion, this option will prove to be complex and expensive for many users. Although it is possible to run the Windows version of AccountEdge Windows on Mac, it is less elegant of a solution than running the native version of the software. It also makes desktop integration with other solutions more difficult because tools like AppleScript are not available. The public announcement sugar coats things a bit, because the truth of the matter is that this is effectively the death for AccountEdge for Mac.


You have the option to subscribe to the AccountEdge Pro tax service and do your payroll in-house or choose to outsource it through Sure Payroll. If you choose to process payroll in-house, there are a variety of add-on options available including direct deposit, payroll forms, and e-file services. If you sell products online, sync your online store using the Shopify Connector to manage all of your online sales and inventory properly.